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Board Of Directors Executive
Ang Kok Tian (Chairman, Managing Director and CEO)
Ang Ah Nui (Deputy Managing Director)
Ang Kok Leong

Non-Executive and Independent Director
Andre Yeap Poh Leong
Christopher Chong Meng Tak
Tan Sek Khee

Audit Committee
Christopher Chong Meng Tak (Chairman)
Andre Yeap Poh Leong
Tan Sek Khee

Nominating Committee
Andre Yeap Poh Leong (Chairman)
Christopher Chong Meng Tak
Tan Sek Khee

Remuneration Committee
Tan Sek Khee (Chairman)
Andre Yeap Poh Leong
Christopher Chong Meng Tak

Company Secretary
Koh Kai Kheng Irene

Investor Relations Contacts
ASL Marine Holdings Ltd.
Financial PR Pte Ltd

Registered Office
19 Pandan Road
Singapore 609271
Telephone : (65) 6264 3833
Facsimile : (65) 6268 0274
Email : corporate@aslmarine.com
Website : www.aslmarine.com

Incorporation Data
Place of Incorporation : Singapore
Date of Incorporation : 4 October 2000
Co. Reg. No. 200008542N

Share Listing
ASL Marine Holdings Ltd.’s shares are listed
and traded on the Main Board of the Singapore
Exchange Securities Trading Limited since
March 2003

Share Registrar & Share Transfer Office
M & C Services Private Limited
138 Robinson Road #17-00
The Corporate Office
Singapore 068906
Telephone : (65) 6227 6660
Facsimile : (65) 6225 1452

Ernst & Young LLP
Certified Public Accountants
One Raffles Quay
North Tower, Level 18
Singapore 048583
Partner-In-Charge: Terry Wee Hiang Bing
(appointed since the financial year ended
30 June 2010)

Principal Bankers
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
DBS Bank Ltd
United Overseas Bank Limited
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited